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From the moment you first contact us, our goal is to make your traveling experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We will assist you with all documentation handling to get to Russia and make necessary bookings/reservations for the trip.

Furthermore, our specialists will create a personalised experience in compliance with your needs and help you discover the heart and pulse of both historic and contemporary Russia. Let us handle your trip and you will not be disappointed!

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Our mission is to unlock the true majesty of Russia to our clients. The unique tours are designed by the native traveling experts. Our guests are offered the most enchanting accommodations, as well as all types of leisure and cultural activities.

Only the very best restaurants and excursions, exclusive nightclubs and distinctive museums, outdoor activities and health retreats. Everything the most demanding client can ask for and more!

Explore Moscow With Us

Exclusive Accommodation & Dining

Stay in the most distinguished hotels and explore the rich gastronomical offering of the capital of Russia.

Tell us what you need and get a 100% personalised tour

Move around with class

We use top-class vehicles to drive you around: Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Cayenne, BMW 7-series, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and others

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Let us guide you for the very best parties

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Moscow is famous for both

Comfort & Dining

For your trip we will provide first-class hotel accommodations and gastronomic tours to the most sophisticated Moscow restaurants.

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Our clients have different needs and we offer specialised trip categories to meet them. We will assist at all steps and make your experience unforgettable!

Relax & enjoy


Explore what Russia has to offer for those in need of relaxation and fun. We design the most complex itineraries, down to the tiniest detail to meet all your needs.

Russian Traditions


Dive into the culture of hunting – Russia is home to the oldest hunting traditions! Well-organised events and a great variety of wildlife: boars, deers, wolves, beavers, birds of prey and much more.

Investment & Properties


We offer our assistance in purchasing real-estate, exploring investment opportunities and organising all sorts of business meetings/conferences.

Wellness & SPA


Use the opportunity to maintain and improve your health during your trip to Russia. We offer great wellness-themed trip packages for you to enjoy and explore in the state of the art facilities.

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Choose the package that best suits your needs. We will proceed to create a tailor-made experience for you based on your choice.

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